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"Stryon Public Safety and Security has made tremendous changes in my communities, from the first day on the job. Their main concern is the safety of our residents and the property; they have changed the attitudes of our residents to respecting the guards, not fearing them. With previous companies, untimely reports were common, however that is an issue of the past with Stryon as their software generates the reports as they happen while the guards are on site scanning their checkpoints. I cannot express how wonderful and user friendly the software is. Stryon Public Safety and Security is dependable, responsive and professional. My communities benefit from their presence."
Mary Chaira

Snow Property Services

"Stryon Public Safety and Security has had such an impact on our community. Many neighbors have commented how we have taken our community back, and it is evident seeing so many more residents outside enjoying our community. Being an older community, we were experiencing a number of issues, Stryon has been the best invesment our HOA has made. Bryon's knowledge and professionalism, coupled with his understanding of customer service was evident from day 1. The value of the service we recieve is far greater than the affordable price for the service as it has put much more value into our community. Thank you Stryon for all that you do."

Frank Thomas

Phoenix Resident

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